• Satisfied clients just …

    Celebrated zero vacancies in their portfolio of nearly 300 apartments.

    Got a $9,100 refund from a utility company.

    Found a year of rent deposited into their bank account just three weeks after giving us their home to rent.

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    Satisfied clients just …
  • Profit. Integrity. Confidence.

    Our owners tell us the most important thing we provide is Peace of Mind.
    Delivering just that has been our sole purpose for more than twenty years and two generations of service.

    Los Angeles Property Management Group. The gold standard in Los Angeles property management and the San Fernando Valley.

    Profit. Integrity. Confidence.
  • Management for all property types.

    Whether it’s a single home or a large commercial building, serving you is a privilege.

    “You located a solid tenant fast, and got my commercial property rented at a good price. Thanks for guiding me through their financials. With empty buildings next to mine, I’m happy I met you.”

    – J. Colette, Owner of a 13,500 square foot warehouse in Reseda, CA

    Management for all property types.
  • Measuring our success by yours.

    “I’m pleased with the way things are working out at 2112 Colorado Blvd. I’ve always managed my own properties. But now I see that good management pays for itself. And I don’t miss the headaches.”

    – Gilbert Landeros, Owner 2112 Colorado Blvd. Mixed retail and apartments

    Measuring our success by yours.
  • What if handing off maintenance and repair work actually saved you money?

    “I needed a roof for my warehouse. Two contractors quoted $65,000 and $88,000. I handed management to you, and you got it done for $34,000. This saved me $31,000! Off to Africa on safari with the money I saved.”

    – J. Colette, Owner 7053 Canby Reseda 13,500’ warehouse

    What if handing off maintenance and repair work actually saved you money?

Property Management Los Angeles

Los Angeles Property Management Group has been providing professional property management in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley For Over 20 Years. Whether your investment is in apartments, retail, warehouse, or office properties, Los Angeles Property Management Group brings the same level of dedication in delivering impeccable service and maximum profits to you, each and every month.

Our philosophy? Simple. Deliver the most profit to our clients with service second to none.

In a survey of property owners conducted in 2013, 96% of our owners chose to respond that, “they couldn’t imagine a higher level of satisfaction and profit from their property management team”.

If you’re working with a management company now, and are considering a change, we’ll guarantee that our transition team will deliver a seamless switch, with no disruption to existing services. We provide the highest caliber of service to each and every one of our clients.

We’re confident that you will agree with what we’ve heard from many of our clients: “Excellent property management doesn’t cost. It pays!”

Excellent management doesn’t cost. It pays.

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